Monday, March 28, 2011

A post with free stuff links

Full information with proxies can be found HERE (in my blog) 

I just remembered that I haven't posted here anything free for a while, so this basically is late post (sorry I was busy) and today stardoll didn't made anything new, but I'm sure there will be something tomorrow ^^ Anyways the most of things are coming from Earth Hour contests in different (particular) countries. So here I will post it the old way - picture and contest link. Even though the most of users here are okay with proxies, I'm still following Jenna's rules (as she is sort of my boss) and I can't change anything about it without asking her.
So anyway here is a list with what you can get -

Free Bird Print Top (till 08.04)
For Sweden

Free Flower 
For Germany
For Finland

Free Rio Earth Coloured Dress (till 01.04)
For Russia

Free Earth Hour Bag (till 28.03)
For France

Free Earth Hour Bag (till 28.03)
For Brazil

Free Green Origami Bird (till 03.04)
For Poland

And here are some other random ones -
 Free Greek Necklace (till 08.04)
For Greece
 (you can try to get it without proxy by logging in and clicking HERE)

Free Mortal Kiss T-shirt
Free Red Riding Hood Cloak
For UK

I think the most of them are quite nice [:
Just wondering - Have you seen the new Red Riding Hood movie? Was it great?
A little late but - How did you spent the Earth Hour?
And am I the only one who still lives in winter? 
Is it Spring-y at your place already?


.emma.x. said...

Yes it's quite spring-y where I am :D
When did your winter start?

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I was in the car for earth hour because we were travelling back from my great aunt and uncles. I love the bird top! Thank you!:-)

orange008 said...

I have seen the RED RIDING MOVIE ! It was a good movie, I have my Suite decorated as the SCENE from Red Riding hood. Go see it...orange008 ! Enjoy !

Ruth/Houpisonfire said...

@.emma.x.My winter started ages ago and it doesn't stop :S It was snowing heavily today, again. And it's even minus degrees. Brrr.
@orange008Really? Then I will go and watch the movie too ^^ Sure I will visit, I bet it's great ^^

salina98 said...

It became a bit spring-y in my country...I won't be getting anything of these things, don't really like anything there :D

JanaStarlite said...

I just love when you post all the freebies at once! It makes it so much easier to grab what you want.

For Earth Hour I was in my new home, and we only had candles on.

Curioser and Curiouser said...

i saw red riding hood; it was okay. very dark.

mari91 said...

In my country it spring is coming...with sunshine :) But I am feeling like it's still winter because it's really cold... :((

Love some of the free stuff :)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

The Red Riding Hood film isn't out yet, is it? I'm sure the release date was Friday 22nd April :/

Thanks! Got some great weather here ;-)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Oops, never mind. Just asked my BF Google, and saw the date changed :P

misscheeseycake said...

Don't worry, you are not alone in your icey-toe-ness. I too am drinking Hot chocolate ^^

Fairydew said...

Yes it is much spring here ;)) ♥

Avril14140/Mihaela said...


I won't be getting any.^^

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

Cute stuff, won't get any though. :P

iloveanimals28 said...

Yayayay! Free stuff >:D

mojonik said...

thanks! and it just stopped raining here so i can finally play volleyball <3

vennesa4eva said...


phoebe/lemy100 said...

It's sooooo spring-y here in India:D

Tasha said...

Love the free stuff! Im just upset, Stardoll barely ever makes free things for Australia :( Oh well, thats life. Oooh! And if any of you dont mind, visit my suite, my username is awesomediva14. Thanks! ♥

GoldenHeart Threads said...

Thank you for posting the free stuff. I haven't seen the movie yet but I plan to.

evermore1girl said...

I got the hood thank you so much, its a great style and quite sweet...

Lolly140 said...

I seen that Earth colored dress in starbazaar and i was wondering were it came from now i know it was free lol :D

♥Petra/Shakira_Avril said...

Aww the necklace is pretty :P

Anonymous said...

i have sun:)(: i think that you've added me, gagaheart sound farmiliar? thnxs a million!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh i'm not from UK and i really want red riding coat!
I buy for sd's
Contact m9oda at stardoll

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