Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you have a successful blog, magazine or project apply to become one of our Medial Affiliates. See left side bar.


~All Media Affiliates will have their logo placed on the left side bar (with a link to their blog) for prominent viewing.

~Larger affiliates will also go on the blog roll on the right side bar (You must have a blog roll as well).

~Up to 2x a month affiliates can have their big events, comps, projects etc.. posted here on this blog.

~We will support your big projects to help ensure their success any way we can.

~More exposure and traffic to your blog

~A connection with one of the biggest blogs on Stardoll.

~I will officially follow your blog.

~I will make a post introducing all our Media Affiliates once decided.


~You must be an active follower of this blog

~Your blog must have at least 100 followers (400 for a larger affiliate, exceptions may be made)

~You must place our logo on your side bar and blog roll if applicable.

~You must provide the same services for this blog.

~You must make a post announcing us as a media affiliate.

How to apply:


Apply in my GB. Tell us how many followers you have.  Leave a link to your blog/mag/project.  Tell us a little about it. How long you've had it. How active you are with it. Don't forget to leave your blogger name.

Space is limited. You must have a logo with your blog/mag/project's name only. It should be in your signature colors and on a black background (See left side bar for examples). Please post it in my gb asap.

Ends Sept 4th.

Credit to: SFW for the logo idea

*If you do not yet have 100 followers..we will do this again later on. ALso if you are close, you should host a comp or do something to try and reach 100 or ask anyway if you are in the 90's.
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