Sunday, March 29, 2020

COVID-19 Cycle: Task 3

COVID-19 Cycle: Task 3 - Knock-Off Version
Hi y’all!
Everyone who completed the last task is allowed to do the next!

Now for the task...

Task 2: Knock-Off Version
To switch from medical themed tasks, let's go to one based on Stardoll.

To cut to the chase, I'd like for you to style an outfit inspired by a store without using any of the items from that store.

For instance, create an outfit from Pretty n' Love without using any items from that store! Items used here could include flows, white, pink, sheer, and any other items that make you think of the store.

You are allowed to use any doll (including mine - boookay), just be sure to give them credit!

Avoid using doll's who are currently in this cycle!

Be sure to stare what store you choose!

You will be graded on:
- Colors, Patterns, Textures : Are the pieces you used represented on the store you choose? (5pts)
-Complexity: Did you do more than just put a top and bottom together? Did you step outside fo the box? (5pts)
-Cohesiveness: Do the pieces you choose flow together well? Are some bulky on the doll? Do the colors go well together (5pts)
-Judges Choice: Would the judge grading wear this? (5pts)
-Did you state which store you choose? (2pts)

This task will close Wednesday, April 1st at 11:59PM EST.

Any questions feel free to ask me on Stardoll or Facedoll (Alex Saab)!

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