Saturday, March 21, 2020

COVID-19 Cycle: Task 1

Covid-19 Cycle: Task 1 - Sterility

Hi y’all!

Sign-ups have closed! As I'm writing this, we have almost 40 participants that have signed-up which is a lot to deal with! Everyone who signed-up is allowed to participate!

As stated before, this cycle will last for roughly 20 days. There will be 5 different tasks, each lasting for 3 days. Judges will have 1 day to grade. Because there are so many participants, there will be no feedback unless a judge decides to comment on something. Contestants will be sent their scores showing each judges score. There will be no elimination in this Cycle so everyone can have fun! Instead of there being a top 3 there will be a top 5 and I will announce their prizes later on. Everyone who finishes will win a prize!

Now for the task...

Task 1: Sterility
Doctors, Nurses, Scientist, and others who are working first hand on COVID-19 have to be sterile in their work. This includes wearing gloves, coats, masks, and other PPE to help.

For this task, you must style a fashionable outfit that is 'Sterile'. My first thought is to use white, crystals, pvc/plastic, and coats in your outfit! I will post an example later on today! Think runway fashion when putting together an outfit!

You are allowed to use any doll (including mine - boookay), just be sure to give them credit! Avoid using doll's who are currently in this cycle!

You will be graded on:
- Colors & Fabrics Used: Do the colors and materials used scream Sterility? (5pts)
-Complexity: Did you do more than just put a top and bottom together? (5pts)
-Creativity: Did you step outside of the box? Is there anything that screams WOW? (5pts)
-Judges Choice: Would the judge grading wear this? (5pts)

This task will close Tuesday, March 24th at 11:59PM EST.

Any questions feel free to ask me on Stardoll or Facedoll (Alex Saab)!

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