Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Raffle winners

It took nearly 2 days ( with university :D )to get every name in each items' raffle, but i's finally ready. 42 people were lucky enough to win minimum 1 item from the raffle.

You will be seeing your names listed with the items you got. I negotiated with other writers, and set a minimum comment limit under I didn't accept your entry, sorry. Also, "first ever commenters" are welcome to take part in the blog's chat page and in other comps in the future.

Now, on to the winners list:

lolitka1444: A1, I6

NatmoFashion: A2
armaniala: A3, H2
Anya-Samantha: A4, M3
wherethepartyya: A6, M6
MegaMashytik: B3
uyennguyen: B5, E1
kadish: C3
jiiobie: C4, G2
Andre1396: D2, J1
Karujaro: D3
paradise_134: D5, E6
rasrix: D6, I2, P5
regikenneth97: E2, G1, K4
eirisandersen: E3, M2
whoisaishleigh: E5
scarpin: F1, P4
kathydana: F2, H3
tehlikelibebe: F4, N5, Q5
safakylidzi: F5
watergirl264: F6
Rlot: G3, I4
giannoula5: G4
naini_ra: G5
WildChrissie: G6, K5
mirdith: H1
rixie: H4
radaB: H6
Flower8girl: I1, P2
CoolRachael: I3, Q2
Dollwars34: I5, Q1
vev: J3
Gagafanlove: J5, O2
Kiame: K2, O3
JanaStarlite: K3, O5
NickyMinarsch: K6, M5
ayselevi123: M4
image_10: N1
giniaparks: N3
bts_fire: O4
superharleygirl: P1, Q3
ermioni.gr: P6


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