Wednesday, February 5, 2020

dieBrlnl06 item's raffle - sign ups

Hi girls!

Probably many of you already visited dieBrlnl06's suite the past few days, since she is leaving Stardoll, and sells lots of items from her suite. She is really kind, and offered nearly 100 rare or limited items to the blog members. Thank you so much!

I'll help her to give out the clothes to our trusted and regular members. Here come the rules:

-Only regular/active/trusted members could particiapte (I'll check it :) )
-You can choose up to 5 items!
-Comment the choosen item below, with the correct number and letter 
-Deadline: 10th of February (Monday) 3pm. est.
-To make things fair, I will put applicants names for every item in a random name picker, so everyone can have equal chances to "win" something. 
-When the names are posted, dieBrlnl06 will start reserving you the items. Make sure, you will have only 24 hours to get them.

If you have any question, write it here, or in pm on Stardoll (JudyellaFairy)

Here are the items, you can choose from. For a closer look, visit dieBrlnl06's suite.


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