Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Uglies: Cow Poll

This poll will be a little different to normal - and serve as a sort of practice round for the SMW Fashion Cycle, which will come after Christmas.

This time, rather than putting you top three, please number ALL of the entries from 'best' (20) to worst (1).

Again, to reiterate, TWENTY is the BEST outfit and ONE is the WORST.

If survey plays up, try here:

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Sadly, two people's outfit broke the rules and were therefore not included in the poll.

 I have replied to one image and private messaged the other. I know it looks fun and cool to edit your images, and it's easy to say it's 'just' a border or 'just' a foot, or 'just' been flipped, but if you can edit that much, it's impossible for me to know if you haven't edited it more than that. And even if you really did just edit that small part, it's STILL against the rules, and would be utterly unfair to let you enter against so many other amazing contestants who did in fact follow the rules. It also makes for a very difficult decision on my part - I can either edit out the parts you changed, which takes extra time and effort that would be better spent on those who did follow the rules, or, I can reject the entry, which is never fun.

So please - don't argue, and don't ever submit an image with editing, unless it's specifically called for. 

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