Tuesday, November 1, 2016


UPDATE: The raffle winners are in featured comments.

The HB Multi Fringe Vest was released over the weekend and I still wanted to offer a rand om raffle to get it for FREE!

Just show me how you would style it in comments and you will be entered in a raffle to get it for free!

Open for 24 hours!

I didn't think I would like it, but once I tried on my doll, I did! What about you?


Also, the HB Porsche Inspired Aviators were released today! 

What do you think of them?

Comment below with your thoughts on the aviators and state that you want to be included in the raffle to get them for FREE.

Open for 24 hours!

*Do not forget to check out The Stylish Stardoll Sisters foe their HB Style tips!*

~Winners  have 2 days to claim all prizes once announced

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