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It looks like the '90s trend is slowly stepping away to let another one be in full bloom. Speaking about '00s style most of us can remember it much more clearly, because at that decade we '90s kids finally got to know what real fashion really is.

As far as I can recall, at the beginning of the millenium fashion reminded more of a sect than of a social institution. There were strict rules (no ponytails or glasses, remember Not Another Teen Movie?), worshipped items like LV Multicolore purses with (sacrificed) teeny-tiny dogs spending their teeny-tiny lives in them, and of course you couldn't afford the luxury of taking your high heels off. You couldn't be too funky or too serious. And that ridiculous rule that gave you 00 rights to wear the same outfits with a.n.y.o.n.e. (Miranda Sanchez situation). If you weren't a smart Apple employee - which wasn't yet likeable, too.
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Today we are collectivelly starting to get nostalgic about noughties- even celebs like Kendall Jenner (sorry not sorry) and brands like LV pay their homage to the belle époque of the XXI century. I believe it's time for us mere mortals to learn how to intergrate the '00s style into our - so differnt! - mid-'10s wardrobes. While it's all about comfort today, 16 years ago fashionistas were leaving it to the weak ones.

See? Fringe (or fur, or feathers), low (LOW) waist jeans and pink whatever were the fashion staples back then. Also, girls were totally ok about showing as much skin as possible. I even remember calling middle waisted jeans "grannies"! And the thing I forgot to add to my look is Tan: sunbeds were a thing - thanks goodness not anymore. Add a girly pendant, a shapeless purse and you're a beauty queen.

Even though the style is back, it's become much more - again - comfortable. Basically, you can add a crop top and a funky purse and you're ready to go. But today "girly" look is no longer a must: you can be whatever you want. Here, I combined mom jeans and hard-shaped handbag (fringy and multi-coloured, of course) with revealing crop top, high heels and some bling. Also, I didn't forget to add sunnies - just the funkiest ones my doll owns.

The experiment results in a very, very wearable outfit that both includes the elements of the nouhties fashion and doesn't look like a part of fashion history exhibit. I can even say that I didn't have to step out of my comfort zone. So maybe, at this very point that's the most 00s styled outfit I can let myself wear.

What do you think about the trend? Would you give it a green light in your wardrobe?

Create an outfit inspired by the new trend! Post the pic in comments!

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