Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY shop is back with a new edition!

Guys I think you know me well, I rarely agree that a release is useful enough or the graphics are perfect but... I'd like to make an exception now and say THIS is something that was a super amazing step of Stardoll to make! Finally, not just furniture but awesome floor templates, gorgeous windows and (my absolute favorites) the wallpapers and outdoor scenes picturing Paris and New York that go behind the windows - all of them for reasonable prices between 4 and 13 stardollars! I'm amazed :D

What's your opinion? Will you invest in designing a brand new room for yourself? Any favorites? :)

Oh and one more thing, we haven't posted about the Christmas Gift-o-meter yet. No starcoin meter this time, you have to spend 200 stardollars in the Plaza to get all of the items.


 Gucci heels and Moschino skirt

 Carven sweater and Hervé Léger dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs playsuit

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