Saturday, December 20, 2014

Guess the Designer - December 20

I've completely forgotten about this section that I used to post when I was a fresh writer here. Wanna bring back Guess the Designer for 1-2 rounds each week, it used to be so much fun :) I still have lots of real versions saved on my computer so I guess it's time to take benefit of them.

For those who don't know this game: Do you want to know what it's like to be a hunter of real versions? Well, here's your chance! I'd like to involve you in what I do. I've already found out who the designer is of the items below, but this time I won't tell you! I'm curious how YOU would search for them :)

Post the REAL LIFE PHOTOS  and the BRAND in the comments. Both items are from the same collection.
Please DO NOT POST LINKS, you would lose your chance as first while waiting for an approval.

Since this is a quick game, the fastest person WINS THE SWEATER AND THE CAP.

Regina226 had the right guess with Topshop Unique, congrats :)

Please remember:
~ You can participate only once a month to give other people a chance as well ~
~ Don't forget to leave your Stardoll Name
~ You must be a follower (Click the join this site button on the left side bar), a member of our club Hotbuys_Bazaar and have registered/signed in to Disqus.

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