Sunday, December 14, 2014

Get The Look

Hello, everyone. New edition of Get The Look is finally here, after another huge hiatus. School is becoming more and more limiting and time consuming lately. I admit I can't wait for the Winter Holidays to begin. But lets forget about our real life problems right now and take few minutes to commit ourselves to fashion and Stardoll, and celebrities of course. This week, we bring you outfits of two famous girls, Kylie Jenner and Anja Rubik.


Model: iAmLellani, user with simple and amazing rooms and outfits.
First celebrity for today is Kylie Jenner, one of the celebrities who's been requested the most times by our readers. I admit, I didn't know who Kylie was before this, and I'm still little unsure why she's so popular. Her style, however, is truely interesting and amazing. The outfit I tried to recreate is mix of tomboyish and girly style, and all items (main ones) are bought for coins. Shirt, skirt and boots can be bought in Plaza. Bag, braclet and belt can be bought in Bazaar. Sunglasses and Nelly necklace are in Plaza, while LE keychain will be in Bazaar when new LE comes. They aren't as important for the look. You can replace them with any other longer necklace and glasses you own.


Model: Juliette116, an amazing girl with even more amazing outfits
Second outfit belongs to Polish model Anja Rubik, who on and off the runway amazes everyone with amazing outfits. I'd say that this oufit of her has a classy vibe, but also sporty and tomboyish vibe. It's probably the most expensive outfit I made for these articles. Pants and bag can be found in Bazaar. Blazer is from latest collection of LE, so you'll need to wait if you want it. Shirt and shoes are in Plaza and are coins items. Hat is stardollar item and is still in Plaza.

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