Sunday, June 1, 2014


Today would have been the 88th birthday of Marilyn Monroe. Her legacy and the affect  that she had on our society is immortal. I have seen many people or Stardoll try and duplicate her style and beauty. It is amazing how people to day still see her as a beauty icon. Happy Birthday Marilyn.

Dress up in your best Marilyn Monroe inspired look. Be creative, you can use whatever items you want to create your look. Create your look from head to toe :).

Let us know in comments that you are dressed for the Marilyn Monroe theme.

We will take a screen shot and leave a message in your guestbook once finished.

Winner gets $50sd or equal amount in gifts if NS.

I will leave this open until Monday at noon (US New York Time), so that more people have the option to enter.

~YOUR MEDOLL MUST ACTUALLY BE WEARING THIS ITEM IN SUITE. No pics in comments,sorry. Also we will leave a comment once we have visited you.
~Sign Up in comments. Don't forget your Stardoll Name.
~You must JOIN both this blog and our club Hotbuys_Bazaar
~You must have registered in the chat box



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