Monday, May 19, 2014

The Lucky Square: Results!

Hello everyone! Since most people skip right to the results, lets get right to it!

Here are the winning squares:
Board 2, Square 12

Board 3, Square 3
Board 1, Square 1

Board 2, Square 2
Board 3, Square 2
Board 3, Square 12

Board 1, Square 3
Board 1, Square 6
Board 1, Square 12
Board 3, Square 16
Board 3, Square 5

& also 5 items of your choice from the new released items in the Starplaza.(x5):
Board 1, Square 14
Board 2, Square  5
Board 2, Square 4
Board 2, Square 9
Board 3, Square 9

The list of winners are:
xXxmalexXx: 25sd
Lorianachic: 5 NEW items for the starplaza
Saracool32: 50sd
TerryBear: 250sd
Theshinystar: 5 NEW items for the star plaza
LadyAnnelena: 100sd

 Now winners! If you're a superstar member please reserve an item in your bazaar for the price of your prize for me(Elite-girl). If you won 5 new items in the starbazaar just added the items to your wishlist. If you're a non superstar just add items to your wishlist that adds up to your prize amount.

 Congrats winners!


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