Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stardoll being serious

I hope you don't mind the off-fashion topic, but I felt like I should share this with you. I don't usually check the daily poll on the main page, I tend to forget about it but I stopped for a moment this time. Most of you probably leave a vote there to earn some Starcoins, but I was wondering if you ever read what they ask or just quickly press on the button and go on with your reward. Most of the members certainly do this so the poll's winning result always ends up being the first answer, whether it's right or wrong.

Today's situation is not different, but let's have a closer look at the question...

... and the result.

 I must admit I was actually waiting for a poll like this. I don't want to get into the depths of the climate change problem now, I just wanted to point out that Stardoll finally made an interesting move to test the attention of members. Well, successfully.

PS. Maybe I'm just too rational but I think that the result could also depend on english knowledge, I'm not sure whether the poll is translated into an other language or not, tell me if you know.

- B

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