Friday, May 23, 2014


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The entries so far are great, but many seem to be taking the easy route for fear of not being able to do a pose. I just wanted to take a moment and show you that it is possible to make great poses with a scenery, or with paint etc. I want you guys to challenge yourselves and be creative. You are suppose to re-create the ad, so if the model is in a pose, you should try to create that pose with your medoll.

Here is a pic that gives some great tips.

Click HERE to also see Stardoll Looks blog post that details how to make poses.

Finally a few examples of poses others have made using sceneries.

So I hope this will give you guys some ideas.

After you have created your picture, you would then screen print it and cut it to be the size of a Stardoll photo like below. Part of this is being creative and using our artistic eye for what looks best inside the picture area.

*Note: ~You don't have to save your scenery. Just make the pic and do a screenprint.

then post it to comments along with the ad you re-created in comments. You can use a "photo editing program" to help insert a background, wording, clean up or make your pose etc..

The only thing you can not to is photoshop a posed  body from another site or picture etc onto our doll like they do in Stardoll Magazines. Every piece of clothing, furniture, hair or body parts must be from Stardoll.

I hope this will help some people. Feel free to ask questions.

Remember we are judging you on:

Who took the best photograph and how well you re-created the ad.  

Both your interpretation of the challenge as a model (your pose, your look/style) and as a photographer (the artistic look of the pic, filter, setting etc).


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