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It's that time again! Time to choose STARDOLLS MOST WANTED MEDOLL FOR JUNE.

While May's Most Wanted Medoll, Kravisera has not yet finished her tenure on the blog, we must start looking for June's Cover Girl. I really appreciate your patience while we are trying out new ideas and working out the kinks.

I really enjoyed the selfie comp last month and I think many of you did as well! This month, I wanted to keep that idea in mind and still do something new and different for the blog. My vision is to continuously bring new aspects to the blog that will highlight all the different skills we see on Stardoll. It also gives those who might not be great at a certain area a reason to keep practicing.

So, I have decided to "open" Stardolls Most Wanted Models (SMW Models Inc). Yes you've got it, SMW will now have it's own modeling agency. This will give us a constructive way to host many mini modeling competitions as well as larger competitions similar to the style of America's Next Top Model. For example our Ms. Couture Comp that has been great fun in the past.

What does all this have to do with June's Most Wanted Medoll, you say? Well, the monthly cover girl comp will now consist of various mini modeling challenges.

Each month there will be a modeling task. You will be required to use your medoll as your model and complete the task. This can be done in your suite with the camera or through a scenery. You decide.

PLEASE NOTE: You can ONLY use Stardoll clothes, hair, medolls, furniture etc. You are not allowed to photoshop bodies or anything else from other sites or the internet.

You can ONLY use a photo editing program to change your filter, background or clean up your pose.

Here's the catch. Not only are you the model, but you are also the photographer. So you have to use your creative, artistic talents to look at things from both viewpoints.


 We will be looking for who took the best photograph and how well you re-created the ad. Photograph should be the size of a Stardoll Photo. No larger please.

We will be judging you on both your interpretation of the challenge as a model (your pose, your look/style) and as a photographer (the artistic look of the pic, filter, setting etc).

Be sure to crop your entry to look like a picture as with the selfie comp. Again,  it should be roughly the size of a picture you capture on Stardoll. So you want to make sure that what you "photograph" is the best part of your entry.

This is a photo on Stardoll. Your picture should not have more space inside the picture then above.
See Kat Kwon's (Corse4) corrected entry for help.

JUNE TASK:  You are doing a swimwear shoot for RIVIERA. Find a bikini ad that inspires you and re-create it as best you can with the tools described above. Remember it is an ad, so it should look like it could be for the RIVIERA brand.

~You must post both the ad you re-created and your entry in comments.

(Click on pic to enlarge)

*Can use any swimwear on Stardoll, Stardoll hair, clothes, bodies, furniture only. 
*This is not a photoshopping contest. We are looking for your creativity.

~Be creative
~You don't have to save your scenery. Just make the pic and do a screenprint.
~ Screen print should be large and clear. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry and looks like a photo.
~Post pic NOT link in comments.
~Post both your entry AND the ad pic that inspired you in comments.
~Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~You must be a follower (Click the join this site button on the left side bar) and a member of my club Hotbuys_Bazaar to enter comps.

Winner Gets:
~The title of June Stardoll's Most Wanted Medoll 
(SMW Cover Girl)
~Featured here on the blog. Includes interview.
~$300sd or $10 gift code (See below)
~New Wardrobe and New Decor. Includes all May HB's. 
~Guest Blogger for 1 month
~Judge for comps
~added to our WALL OF FAME
~promotion of any of your projects on the blog
~On my Best Friends List for 1 month

Last day to enter May 30, 2014 Midnight USA EST (New York)

*New wardrobe and decor includes-Various gifts from the newest decor and clothing that is released throughout the month. Items from your wish list from the newest collections.

*While it is not required to blog or judge it can affect the amount of clothing/decor items you receive.
*$10 code is for Non-superstars only or people about to run out of Superstar. Otherwise it is $300sd.Varies by country and subject to availability.


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