Friday, November 4, 2011

Hotbuys Silver Necklace

The second hotbuy from November is out! I'm very excited about it, it's a gorgeous silver necklace. I really like it, it reminds me of Cleopatra's jewels. So it costs 8sd. Will you buy it? What you think of it?

Real life version:
?? (if anyone knows it, let me know in my GB)

P.S: I'll post the previous hb's looks soon.


RobynisDreaming said...

Thanks, I love it. WHAT A PRICE!

Invalid said...

Its interesting and unique!

Unknown said...

It reminds me of the batman symbol, to be honest.

AnĂ³nimo said...

@EssRox well seen! now that u mentioned that it kind of reminds me that too

Jamie-Leigh said...

Yes, I Might buy it. I Really Like it. Thank you for the post - bracken1234

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