Monday, November 7, 2011

3 for 2...a great deal

Hello everyone how are you doing??

I'm here to report a great deal from Starplaza! That´s right, the store Windows On The World has a great promotion going on!! IF YOU BUY 3 CLOTHES, YOU ONLY PAY 2!! Isn't that awesome? I think it's great! What you think about that?? Will you now take the chance and buy some clothes u wanted for long time?



5purpleprincess said...

Thats a great offer!

Kalista said...

cool ... are you new or have i just not seen you before?

evermore1girl said...

I am not sure if I like wotw so I might not buy much.

Lolly140 said...

Thats cool they haven't really done a deal like that before they should do more !

_inda_ said...

@kalista i think u never saw me before, i write here for long now

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