Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Buys Peace Leggins

Hello Again!

The 4th hot buy from november is out! It's a pair of leggings with peace symbols. The color is too dark for me, i think stardoll should have made it more colorful! But it's just my opinion. The price, it's cheap, i think, 11sd, SS only. Will you buy it?? I'll not do a poll, 'cause my SS membership is ending. 

Real life version:

Leggings By TOPSHOP

(thanks to our media partner for the photo)


kukipopoi said...

I love it to be honest! It's kinda cartoonish a lil bit, but I love Stardoll version compared to the real one.

Invalid said...

I much prefer the real version i don't really like the stardoll one at all ! I can't buy it anyway cause i am non-ss but if i could buy it i wouldn't and its a little too pricey !

RobynisDreaming said...

I love them!

Jamie-Leigh said...

I Prefer the Stardoll Version. Thank you for the Post.


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