Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweater Girl - VOGUE

"Model Lara Stone cozies up to the season's oversize knits,
formfitting cardigans, and prim crewnecks."

Hello everyone!

There was an article in Vogue with a photo shot session with the model Lara Stone. The clothes were all based in knitwear and they looked vintage, with an "angel face touch", combined with the model's sensuality.
As there are a lot of new Decade clothes on Stardoll, I decided to create outfits on Stardoll based on Lara Stone's clothes on Vogue. You can find a lot of the clothes on the shop Decades and Starplazza Archive, tough there weren't many similar clothes, so I had to improvise. Take a look:

"Cable Ready"

"Cat Power"

"Hollywood or Bust"

"Full Circle"

"Pair Bonding"

"Midcentury, Modern"

"Cold Comfort"

"Line in the Sand"

Cat Power inspired

Hollywood or Bust inspired

Midcentury, Modern inspired

Line in the Sand inpired

Full Circle inspired

Hope you like them! Do you like this style? What do you think of the model? Comment :)

What I used:

First one:
-Basic Beige top
-Front Row Leopard Jacket
-MSW Skirt
-Bisou Red Belt

Second one:
-Stardoll Polo Sweater
-MSW Skirt
-Bisou red belt

Third one:
-Stardoll Jumper
-Decades Skirt
-Bisou platafform shoes

Fourth one:
-Decades archive brown teacher dress
-Front Row Leopard Jacket
-Voile archive pumps

Fifth one:
-Pretty in pink archive rose cardigan
-Decades archive skirt
-Stardoll belt



rodrigo-silva8 said...

Congratulations on your writing, Ana.
Only from this post, I can tell that you'll have a great carrier as a journalist. You write very well in English, so I'm pretty sure you won't have any trouble doing assignments when you reach your objectives as a journalist.
Once again, congratulations ;)

tretretre said...

I don't like your posts. It's never about stardoll.

misz_paparazzi said...


moxxie. said...

...what do you mean it's not about stardoll? it's about emulating real fashion on stardoll. wtf. >_>

anyhow. love the post, i think i might try these out!

kitty_power5 said...

@ tretretre

Yes, it is about Stardoll. My work here is to make fashion reports. I searched for fashion and I found it on an article in Vogue. I translated it to Stardoll so you could use that style on your own account. So, basically, it's about Stardoll. I disagree with you.

anaKonda said...

To be quite frank i think the model was poorly chosen. But I have to admit her hair is amazing :)
Do love this type of clothes, so feminine and lady-like.
And congratz on putting some outfits together using the clothes available on Stardoll, knits and animal prints are rare on Starplaza.

peace_oglory said...

I actualy realy like this article. I loved that editorial even before and you made some nice outfits inspired by it :)

Anonymous said...

I saw her in my book, she is very pretty. I love sweaters. Have you seen Africa(not out yet, in their making I hope)Vouge and China? Nice covers.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Cute Outfits!

♥club.pink/Flavia♥ said...

You are very talented, I like your ideas and outfits.
I think Lara stone is a very natural and interesting model.

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

...mmmm those stardoll outifts are ugly but the real life are AWESOME

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I don't like the RL ones :/
Maybe it's just the photography x]

@tretretre: It's not meant to be. Its about RL fashion and applying it to Stardoll [:

an4etyyy_cherry said...

Nice work. I like them a lot!

QT_Yaz said...

shes too oldiee

G-Biatch said...

Nice work with outfits!!

Pandora R ♥ said...

Looks more gorgeous in RL, but you did a great job (:


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