Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free: Boots

If you are not from Poland use a proxy website such as:

Paste this link into the URL box and click Enter / GO / Browse:

Log into your stardoll account , then paste this link into the URL box and click "Enter"

Leave the proxy website. The item should be in your suite when you log in the regular way.


chocolatofreak said...

Getting free things are fun,
if they're cute and you don't already have 'em,

if you already have 'em,
it's not fun anymore :/

Anyways, I like how Stardoll gives us many free things,
but I don't think it's fair to those who actually buy the things before.

Okay so like, if you're gonna give us free things,
make sure it's things that no one already has.

That's more fun (:

chocolatofreak said...

Ohh yeah lol,
and since we are like on a topic about boots,

Yesterday night, I designed a new shirt lol.
It has the Uggs logo and a pair of Uggs on it,

you guys should buy one, thanks! (:

PwincessSara/Sara said...

They're kinda cute :]

Mjlcutie123 said...

They look like uggs kinda

♥♥ said...

I like them ,sure i will get them

anaKonda said...

Mukluk boots, very funny :D
Thx for sharing!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Ohh,thanks :D But I won't be getting them :S

misz_paparazzi said...


Maggie / BeautyBxxtch said...

They're kinda ugly but whatever, thanks for the tip :]

Rayko said...

Thx, I got them.:]

Pandora R ♥ said...

Thanks, I really like em :D


red.girll said...

I like them and thanks...because i didn`t have them!!!

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