Friday, June 22, 2018

The Uglies: Bonita Femur

This time, if you don't include your username when you enter, I will NOT include you in the poll! And your Disqus name does not count. I won't be asking or searching through any more profiles if you forget!

This time, you need to style....

Monster High Freaky Fusion: Bonita Femur Pink Top!

 You'll need to filter by Monster High to find it in the catalog. It's a starcoin item too, so more of you will probably be able to buy it and use it in-suite than the previous Uglies.

PRIZE: 25 SD in Wishlist items



- Item must be identifiable within your outfit.
- Only one entry per person
- You can use your suite, or the plaza.
- No weird cropping. We only need your outfit, not your whole suite!
- No Photoshop or other editing may be used
- Remember to include your username!


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