Saturday, December 13, 2014

Museum Mile is out!

The collection was released for ROYALTY ONLY. I don't know how Stardoll imagined this exclusive pre-shopping event because literally nothing good will remain for other members...

The highest price is 62 stardollars and SOME items are pretty reasonable I must say. I ended up buying more things than I wanted and I'll probably regret it later, ha... I've also noticed that it's even more limited than LE, for example my items range between 450 and 600 pieces.

One more thing - Stardoll staff, this message is for you, personally. I'd like to ask you to kill off this totally ugly greenish black color in the future and use pure black instead. It's been used ever since the summer and it's getting real annoying now that the green shade cannot be matched properly with... anything, basically. Thank you.


Thanks to Miss.Privacy and JosephinaA for helping me out!


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