Sunday, October 5, 2014

Paris Fashion Week RECAP (I)

Paris closed the fashion week season with loads of posible tribute stores.
I'm sure all the Stardoll staff already spotted some collections from here!
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Introducing prints and colors into the sporty chic trend that is taken over the catwalk, there's no doubt it will be a success in the streets.
You can easily tell who's in charge of designing these pieces... yes, Alexander Wang. Very feminine pieces in black, white and pale pink were the base of this collection. In the front row, North West was the main attraction.
Kim Kardashian, North West and Kanye West in the front row.
Zadig & Voltaire
Bright colors and a futuristic feeling with metallic panels and cut out shapes. Most dresses were paired with black or white sneakers.
I can assure Nicki Minaj is going to get some those bodycon dresses. Powerful and elegant, that's its motto.
Barbara Bui
A collection full of basics, sometimes combined with complicated patterns and oversized coats.
Nina Ricci
Romantic and elegant looks with mostly mid length skirts.
Celebrating 125 years of the Brand, we could see the usual flowy shapes and characteristic elegance.
Which ones do you like?



sdoreymenano said...

Hi, I liked some of the Balmain outfits but Nina Ricci and Lanvin are my favorites in this week!!

FloralDelRey <-- said...

Balenciaga, Barbara Bui and Nina Ricci are my favorites!! North West is killing it <3

mirdith said...

Oh woah, some of my favorite designers made their fashion shows in Paris. Balmain, Balenciaga and Barbara Bui have not dissapointed me, totally my favorites :) x

JosephinaA said...

Same here :) (well, including Balenciaga)

JosephinaA said...

I think most people spend most part of the time looking at her xD She's so cute!

JosephinaA said...

Almost everyone is going back to basics, I don't know why. I actually love it, but it's really weird that it's so generalized! For the next recap, things are getting more interesting, there will be more variety hehe :)

lara_klc said...

poor baby North :(
in that pretty noisy and crowded place in late hours. Obviously when you're famous you can do whatever you want with your child.

📖📚 ᎶᏒᎪᏟᎬ📚📖 said...

Nina Ricci and Lanvin are my favorites on this one.

My least favorite was Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, because, in my opinion, a few of the pieces look like pajamas.

you.sra612 said...

The collections that i really liked are coming up in the next recap i guess if there's a 2nd half pfw coming up ;)
For this recap i liked Barbara Bui and Zadig & Voltaire the most also because i have a preference for sneakers and flat shoes :)

JosephinaA said...

I think she must be pretty used to it by now... yes, crazy parents xD

JosephinaA said...

Yes! I'll have to make more than 2 recaps for PFW... so many fashion shows o.o

Juliette116 said...

From the ones you've mentioned I really like Nina Ricci - casual, but femine and Lanvin I love the idea for natural look!

SaraGP00 said...

Yo nos soy inglesa pero me interesa mucho este blog :) y a mi me gustó mas el de Barbara Bui.

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