Thursday, June 12, 2014


This theme day was so much fun! I really enjoyed seeing what some of you have created! Great job to all and thanks for participating!

The winner of the Futuristic Theme Day is....Amaia_Estebanez

Her futuristic look was very sleek and stylish while still having such a simplistic feel. We loved it. It's something I could definitely see on the runway. She wins $50sd.

In 2nd place is Beautifuloval. Her look was well...beautiful.  She wins $25sd.
Honorable Mention to: Smiliuxxx, Missladyanjah, Minxingmaniac, Kickherout
The each win a gift from their wishlist ($12sd or less)

See Collecting Prizes for how to claim your prize.

All the entries: (Click on pic to enlarge)



Juliette116 said...

Really good work. I love the winners outfit. So minimalistic. For me that's how will fashion look in the future. Nothing strange, but class with something origina, here is the neclace used as a hairpiece.

Pinklovelemons said...

Love winners outfit i enjoyed this contest so much<3

AmethistKraken said...

Congratulations! I love the futuristic theme, I find it so cool :)

kat hinman said...


mirdith said...

Yaaaay!! Congratulations Amaia, you did a great job!! :)

Maurice/Kickherout said...

Amaia's outfit is so flawless :3 I wish I'd thought about it !

Smiliuxxx said...

Winners look is sooo awesome! I love that it is minimal but still really futuristic. And I love that jacket in her hand! Congrats!
Thanks for honorable mention - it is huge surprise for me :)

amaia_estebanez said...

Thank you so much :) I'm glad you liked it, I really enjoyed it!

Green_Eye_Angel said...

I've said it before - theme day is my favourite competition on SMW because it provokes such a sparkling creativity! All the entries are fabulous and Amaia's look is breathtaking! Congrats!

amy235 said...

Congrats! Great outfits :)

dl.eclipse said...

I want to copy winner's outfit so bad lol it looks amazing

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