Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hello dollies! According to USD, there are some almost free items on Stardoll from the Dork Diaries campaign. Go to Starplaza Catalog, pick Fashion ans scroll down a little.
The decor and beauty items are at the very top in their departements.
You can get them all here.

Thanks to USD and Sdoreymenano

Also, the HotBuys Feather Ear Piece is out? What do you think? Will you be buying?

Thanks to Daloita and lusy19000


sdoreymenano said...

you are welcome dear :)

popmaker/Kavina said...

I havent seen the almost free stuff i cant access stardoll. The hb looks cool! ;)

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

Same thing here. I have so many Hotbuys now I just decided that I might as well start collecting them officially.

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

The way it's set out and written reminds me of myspace polls a bit... except way less sparkles...

(picture for those who are on mobile)

Rosie/Rose_Jean said...

No. No way in hell.

mailgirl101 said...

Hmm, I don't like the items as much, I am more excited about that freebie, I suppose. I think that the hotbuys you get in the beauty parlor are worth more than clothes or at least I feel that way.

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