Monday, November 7, 2011

Hotbuys Tube Dress

The 3rd hotbuy from november is now available in starplaza. It's a tube dress, made with very elegant colors, it's a great choice for winter. It costs 18 sd, SS only. I like it, and you?  If anyone know who's inspired by, let me know.

Poll: I decided to make a poll. Create an outfit and post in comments. The picture must include your stardoll name. I'll pick only the best entries. You have only until tomorrow to do that. The prize will be 10sd.


5purpleprincess said...

wow i love your banner!

_inda_ said...

thank you so much!

evermore1girl said...

Nice new banner! The dress is cute.

Lolly140 said...

Its cute but a little expensive !

despina said...
this is my entry for the comp^^
ur banner is amazing btw

Courtney ♥ said...

Here's my entry
User: Krissik26

pegawa said...

My entry:

I really like the dress tho it is kinda expensive.
btw, i really like the new banner ^^


Coralline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
Username: MisssAlexxia

Coralline said...

The dress is beautifull.
Too expensive also...

Anyway, here is everything for the competition:
Username: Corse4

Anonymous said...

i added th correct entry with my name on it , _inda_: [I missed the name]

username: MisssAlexxia

so lucky i was oonline..... XD XD XD

despina said...

hey I dont wanna be mean but I think caroline copied me...the outfit is almost the same...

JanaStarlite said...

Thanks for giving me a chance, and the time to enter!


Coralline said...

@despina, no, I am not so sure (if youu say that I copied you.)
It's a coincidence between the jacket and the bag, but I didn't.
I never saw your entry before.
Just when you said that I "copied you", I wanted to see why.
There are a lot of differences between the outfits, and a Jaket and a bag doesn't means that I copied.
Hope you understand :)
P.S: After I saw a few moments ago your outfits, I can say it's pretty. I didn't copied you.

_inda_ said...


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