Monday, August 29, 2011

New Doll


Good morning our readers  ~^.^~
Today 29.Aug .. all stardoll members busy .. you know why ? because of Miss Stardoll World .. i'm waiting the page to open to apply XD can't wait especially last time i didn't join it !  any way today we have new doll from Finland she is singer 38 years old .. I like her graphic but i think they could do it much better !!  i will give it  4/5 .. If you want to dress up the doll click here

Who She Is ?!

Jenni Mari Vartiainen (born on March 20, 1983, in Kuopio, Finland) is a Finnish pop singer. Before her professional musical endeavours, she was a figure skater in her teen-age years and attended the Kuopio Senior High of Music and Dance. 
Vartiainen rose to publicity by winning the Finnish talent show Popstars in October 2002 with Susanna Korvala, Ushma Karnani (currently Olava) and Jonna Pirinen. 
The four formed the band Gimmel that released three studio albums, sold over 160,000 records and received three Emma Awards, accolades for outstanding achievements in music, awarded by the Finnish music industry federation, Musiikkituottajat. The band broke up in October 2004.

  Do you know her ?



evermore1girl said...

I don't know her in the slightest, but she is so pretty and the graphic is great.

evermore1girl said...

And first comment yay!

JanaStarlite said...

As I keep saying, I love that Stardoll tells us about people all over the world.

She's pretty, but I don't the doll is.

Lolly140 said...

Never heard of her

AinnaB said...

she's pretty, but I don't know her

Anonymous said...
Vote For Me! :D <3 Thanks much,sign in my guestbook and i will vote back! <3 :D

Lilyqi said...

I'm from Finland, she is so famous here. [:

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