Monday, August 1, 2011

New doll

Good afternoon our readers :D
Today is the first day of Ramadan .. Ramadan Kareem to all Muslim people 
Today stardoll added 2 dolls ( Couple ) from Middle East ( Egypt ) 
Special thanks for hanae785 she gave me spoiler of the new dolls
BTW : great graphic ! 5/5

Real Picture for both of them :)


Ahmed Mohamed Helmy Awad
To dress up him : Click here

born on 18 November 1969 is an Egyptian comedian and drama actor.He is married to the Egyptian actress Mona Zaki and they have a daughter named Lily born in 2003.

Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmi was chosen as ambassador of the project "Food for Education" launched by the UN World Food Program (WFP) and "Chipsy" food products company. He confirmed he will visit the kids in schools and follow up with them, though, according to him, the WFP did not give him a work schedule. But he plans to do everything he can to help children.


Mona Zaki 
To dress up her : Click here

born November 18, 1976 is an Egyptian actress. Although she had no interest at all on being an actress, Mona Zaki is now a remarkable leading star. Mona started her career in acting accidentally, when she met Mohamed Sobhi, the famous Egyptian Actor and Director. 

Mona is a Mass Communication student at the fourth grade. Her dream is to prove herself as a good actress. She wants to make good remarkable roles in her career as a Super Star. 'There is a lot to do'. 

Do you know both of them  ?


chocolatedog101 said...

i never heard of them. but i havent heard of many dolls lately. i think its great that stardoll doenst only make dolls super famous

Juliana Senra said...

i don't know them, but I like that Stardoll is giving a lot of attention to Ramadan. It is a big event that must be celebrated, so this new dolls are a great idea :)

Barbara said...

i don't know them but I agree with juli-raf to give attention to hollidays that aren't speciffic for hole world :) hope some day will be something about Slovenia

miley said...

Oh! I know them, I've wached many movies for them and I think it's a good thing of making Arabic dolls too... :)

Anonymous said...

I like Mona's cothes there ar lots of colours. Why is Ahmed Helmy written in her dressup picture?

Anonymous said...

Correction: Are not ar (hate when that happens!)

Anonymous said...

Correction: clothes too(ugh! I give up!)

JanaStarlite said...

I like seeing the Arabic dolls as well. Never heard of either of them, so I'm always learning here on Stardoll. Thanks for posting.

Oh, I like her clothes, too!!

ofnight said...

Oh, I know them because I'm egyption!!!

zmal-kaff said...

Yeah .. i know them , ahmed is hilarious and mona is very beautiful .. but why does stardoll make arab dressups with some old clothes that they dont actually wear ??

Anonymous said...


Salma said...

of course i know them :) they're amazing and helmy is hilarious :D love his movies :)

chocolatedog101 said...

this morning when i opened my main room i found a cute but wierd purple mushroom. and only a few of my freinds got it too. and i know i didnt buy it. so do you guys have any idea why some people got it?

Juliana Senra said...

chocolatedog101 , it seems that the mushroom is given to you if you go to while loged in stardoll. I love it, it is so cute, and I think it's great that stardoll is "celebrating" this giant website, that oppened 31 July and already had milions and milions of visitors :o

Invalid said...

Never heard of them

RobynisDreaming said...

I don't known them. I should watch more tv really.

Dancaholic98 said...

Lots of attention to Ramadam this year stardoll, well done!

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