Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Pictures Please!!!

Hey Everyone! Some of you know I ran for CG yesterday and spent thousands and thousands of stardollars and mailed nearly my entire friends list. When I woke up I didn't win a single thing, and then stardoll kicked me when I was down.

See below:

StardollStardollHi bluegreen86, You ... [+]2011-08-04 16:52
Hi bluegreen86,

You can't have real pictures in your presentation.

If your presentation is not changed within a week, your account will be deleted.
You will lose all of your Starcoins and Stardollars with no chance of refund if your account is deleted.

Stardoll Staff

So basically if I do not delete the photos on my presentation, I will be deleted and lose everything I have ever done on stardoll. OBVIOUSLY I am going to delete them and move on, but it is just funny to me that it took almost 3 years of me never changing my presentation (and having those same photos on there...) to get a message like this.

Also does anyone think the photos on my presentation may have made me lose CG? Or at least lose NCG? I personally don't, but it is just such odd timing!

Anyways I hope all of your days begin a little brighter than mine did.


Venus said...

no luck here, I got reported too for something I never did, stupid stardoll.

Anonymous said...

why u only post if it concern u? u never post knew stardoll news only hacking of ur frendz nd mels models. u using smw as a advertise for ur own needs.

Miss M said...

o.O That sucks.
They're not you, so what's the problem? Unless you got some sort of alter-ego where you're Jordan Dunn and Beyonce as well as yourself xD

And it took this long for them to tell you? Personally think it's a bit stupid. Stardoll needs to get a grip.

IMO don't think you not winning CG/NCG had anything to do with the presentation. But still a little weird o.O

Get a grip and show us your real name. Thanks.

Invalid said...

Thats weird !

JanaStarlite said...

Maybe your spending so much on trying to win CG brought attention to you?

Barbara said...

stardoll is just getting weirder and weirder: so unfair.!

red.girll said...

i really liked your presentation...its unfair that you have to delete it now:( just so you know i voted you!!

RobynisDreaming said...

I always wondered how you got photos on your presentation, but they aren't offensive nor do they reveal your looks or where people can hunt you down.

That is so unfair, I saw one of your broadcasts and stopped by to vote for you. I think a lot of blogs should group together and advertise so you can win cg !

Anonymous said...

"We aren't allowed pictures" that was the first thing I thought when I saw your presentation yesterday. Someone must have reported you, as according to you it has been there for 3 years. You have to note that people get jealous at anything & look for ways to stop it. Apart from that I think this is a clue that sometimes covergirls might not be who has the most votes. Also stardoll has many deleted & abandoned accounts they should encourage people to stay on their site.

Elle said...

it's not like the pictures are of you, Beyonces face is EVERYWHERE.
Looks like sd fiddled CG a little, you sent so many broadcasts it would have been impossible to not even make top 5.

YouKnowWe'reCool said...

If it were me, I would leave the pictures up and take a stand against Stardoll. I would want them to know that I wasn't just going to bow down to them and do what they say. It's all about empowerment! *fist pump*
But then, you have invested much more into your account than I have so I wouldn't have much to lose. Your call.
Stardoll is run by idiots.

wasienka said...

I think you don't understand the heart of the matter. It does not actually refer to you putting up actual photos. It's about legal issues and consequences that your presentation can potentially have for Stardoll.

You put up photos taken by someone else, protected by copyright that belongs to *someone else*, not you. There's no information in your presentation about the photographer or about the agency/person that owns them, so I guess they in order to protect themselves from a potential lawsuit, Stardoll has every right to delete your presentation (maybe not account, though).

/not a lawyer

Courtney ♥ said...

I Thought we were allowed to have RL pics, that sucks, did you pay 8 sds for each photo?

Hermione.Granger said...

This is kinda outrageous and @anonymous, you insult pwincesssara yet you dont have the decency to show your NAME
*high five pwincesssara*

Hermione.Granger said...

well, high five that is if you would like to be high fived?

chocolatedog101 said...

how come they only warned you nw after that much time?

Magiza said...

Ohh, That is very weird! O.o

Estefaniasoleda said...

no dear. Win Cg is very hard do not cares how much broacasts you sent that do not guaranteed your win

Anonymous said...

I find it's a little stupid how when something happens to you that you finally post. Like Mel's Model , when there's a new cycle you would post. But you're deffinetly not posting alot. Honestly , I don't see how you're still on this blog with your infrequent posts.

MissVampire said...

I don't ever vote for the girls that broadcast all the time cause they annoy me. I assume you annoyed someone else too and they saw your presentation and they reported you (: anyway, I agree with some of the comments, you're not the only one that happened to. it's the Stardoll rules, deal with it.

Lauryn said...

That sucks! They shouldnt delete your account because of that. If it's not you they shouldn't worry!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere maybe the one stop rules or staroll t/c or somewhere (cant remember where) that you can not win CG ever if you have had a warning from stardoll. One day a girlcalled (now changed account name to Nicole-Taliatha or smthg similar) spent a fortune campaigning for CGand had loads of votes and next day she didn't make CG or even top 5 and mysteriously Callie.Stardoll was CG, turns out that she had a warning a few days earlier for selling clothes for real money
So dont bother campaigning for if you've had a warning from stardoll, you wont ever win! :PP

And agreed..she only posts for her own publicity, typical Mel

Anonymous said...


mollyk123 said...

The no photo rule applies to everybody to keep children safe from revealing photos of themselves. If stardoll started allowing some photos and not others there would be grey areas about which pics should be allowed and which ones banned. Where children are concerned there can be no grey areas, only black and white, that way everyone knows where they stand.
Also some photots have copyrights, you can't use photos as you please, they are not yours, they belong to somebody else, and if that person decides theyre unhappy about you using them its stardolls head on the line!

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