Friday, May 20, 2011

New Store: Riviera

There's a new store out--Riviera. Very beach-themed, along with NS items, too!! I like a few items and have purchased them...what about you?



Nalco said...

Hello girls!!!!

Some outfits are cute, not all. Very colorful, but too much, it's good! I've already bought some clothes!!

NessisaMess said...

It's pretty cool. At least it's not 100% SS :)

darkkitten said...

They're pretty cheap, and most things look good.

red.girll said...

great store!!!

Jordyn/jojonico said...

The clothes are really pretty!

I think its for the new beach houses coming soon! :)

salina98 said...

I like it so much!There are some really nice items.
Dresses are awesome and swimsuits are beautiful!I just love them!
I'm completely in love with the prices and surprised that there are even non SS items.
Jewelry and shoes are so pretty! Sunglasses look amazing!
Think I'll get myself lots of items from Riviera :D

Melissa said...

i love all of the outfits :D but someof the ns stuff is alot i dont have enough to constantly buy items D:

Tinkerbells -- Ada said...

You didnt post about the new Liu Jo Store... this morning the whole Liu Jo collection was at 0 starcoins!! So I got all the items for free!! (i'm wearing a few of them now!)

Oh and my kittens had grown again!!!! :D :D

Lolly140 said...

I love them :)

_JolieAnn_ said...

i love this shop its so fantastic.
i like some clothes but not all. the great thing for me is that stardoll gave out soooo much accessoires like scarfs, earrings, bags, sun glasses etc etc in so many shops in the last time there were just 1 bag and two pair of shoes but this one is great :) i love it :)

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