Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello, and here are today's spoilers. Some clothes for the starplaza and items for the suite shop.
I must say the skirt in the first picture is nice. Plus there are some items to promote the Megamind movie, hopefully they will be free in the future.



Iovanca said...

i like some of them (:

anaKonda said...

Most of these items are for a new store thats already open in StarPlaza.
Have to say I find the furniture a bit strange.

YourLoyalJester said...

Why Is the Furniture Strange? i dont get why you say that maybe its just not your taste one of manythings they are not strage i have used them in my new room in fact i love them :P, im just waiting for the rest of the stuff too come out :/


Pandora R ♥ said...

What's with the clothes... It's sooo fugly omg.


misz_paparazzi said...


PwincessSara/Sara said...

Some are in Starplaza.
Agree with Pandora...some are real ugly.

iswim19 said...

Intriguing! It is Carneval season!!

Maggie / BeautyBxxtch said...

Oooh, I actually really like the furniture, it's gorgeous :D
The clothes on the other hand...meh :/
Although I do find that long black and blue collared gown interesting :3

QT_Yaz said...

palazzo, unique namee

Anonymous said...

Ugly clothes, the non ss background they're selling to go with theme is nice. I like the megamind outfit you can look like an empress. And the fish is cute.

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