Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Doll Hilary Duff 9 [?]

Hey amazing SMW readers
Thanks to Anchesenamon 
for letting me to know this
interesting fact -
that stardoll today added another new doll
Hilary Duff 9

I just wonder why they added number 9,
because as much as I know
there have been only 3 of her dolls on stardoll.
Anyway this one has very few new clothes, mostly with a little re-coloured or the same (just smaller amount of them) from Hilary Duff 2nd and 3rd dolls that are gone now o..O
I wonder why.

Anyway when I visited her

3 years old account Real Celeb suite on stardoll
I noticed a predictable fact - she haven't been online for a long time
 It's pretty bad, she still gets new visitors every minute, but no one seems to care.
So I just wonder - why stardoll created this 'new doll' and

made a new picture on her promo page (

PS. Here is one of her latest RL pics (November 2, 2010)
Why stardoll didn't make her doll's for example hair colour the way it is now if they wanted to update the doll?

Why do you think did stardoll made this doll?
Is there any fun of having Real Celebs who don't bother to go online for more than a year?
And just wondering - what do you think of Hilary Duff?


Mario said...

Are you kidding me? That's the same doll. Nothing new. At all.

sweet_red_blood said...

Stardoll Just probably does it for money <.<

Ruth♡Houpisonfire said...

Really? I thought the pink dress was, and few of golden coloured things. Might be I don't remember what was 3rd Duff's doll like. I'm actually not pro in this, I haven't been doing celeb dress-ups for years :D

PwincessSara/Sara said...

No difference. Just the clothes.
And Number 9? Hmm. Seems Stardoll needs to go back to basic Maths.

Hilary Duff aint that active on SD anymore. The active ones were Paulina, who's contract expired, and Milly and Becky, who haven't logged on for a couple of months. We got a new one a while back...but dunno...maybe this RC things a bit old :/ They need interesting celebs we've heard of. No offence to CC :/ x

Great789 said...

I dont really see the point in RealCelbs, they come on for afew months at the most then never come on. But most of the clothes on this doll are in the original, just colour change or shape canged :]

chocolatofreak said...

Yeahh, everything is pretty much the same haha.
Even though her clothes are re-colored, I still like them (:

Especially that yellow and white dress.
Yellow and while clothes are like my favorite haha.
I hope Stardoll makes more clothes with those clothes (:
*Hoping that the Stardoll ppl sees this*

Btw, Hilary Duff recently got married,
maybe that's why she's been to busy to get on Stardoll.

Rab92 said...

Maybe It`s Just A Stardoll Mistake, Again.

As For Her Not Being Very Active, You Have To Remember That She Has Just Been Married, Give Her Time To Actually Get Time To Herself Lol.


Chloe/Elleeae♥ said...

Hilary Duff is awesome :)

iloveanimals28 said...

Why? She doesn't go on her account as it is, and it looks the same! I think they just did it to 'update' there site, and I personally don't like her...

misz_paparazzi said...

The doll looks exactly the same :L

daynabast said...

Wow, Hilary looks like she's 30 from that angle. I think Stardoll really needs to step up and offer more celebrities to join Stardoll. The more they invite hopefully the more we get.

Anonymous said...

Idk but i LOVE HILARY DUFF!! think- my nick is HilaryDuff0le ---haha

10natasha10/Tasha♥ said...


Amber_Doll said...

Yea I was wondering the same thing. I mean, why? It's strange. Obviously this was just a last minutes thing by stardoll.

Amber_Doll said...

Yea I was wondering the same thing. I mean, why? It's strange. Obviously this was just a last minutes thing by stardoll.

G-Biatch said...

Its looks like the old one.. but i dont care, i'm not really a fan..

Maggie / BeautyBxxtch said...

Really? Wow, Stardoll needs to step up their game.
What's with these constant glitches and remakes of items? -_-

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

Aaaw this brings back memories, she used to be me my favourite doll to dress up, I really loved all her clothes, disappointed they didn't bother making a new doll though.

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

hillary duff 9?

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

hillary duff 9?

♥ Pink-Miley96 ♥ said...

I'm so happy for her, she just got married [:
Congratz, HD !

Dloo3t almama said...

maybe stardoll made it because there is a event or something else relating to Hilary Duff !!

Dloo3t almama said...

BTW I like Hilary Duff !!

Pandora R ♥ said...

Really nothing new. And I don't like her much, she is not that talented :S Aaaand. If she didn't logged in for 17mths, why is her doll still here?! I don't think shes that special at all, and RC thing is really old... So yeah :S


Ashley._Greene said...

I hate her, anyway.
WTF why admins add her new doll?!

Anonymous said...

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