Monday, January 26, 2015

Get The Look

Hello everyone. It's Monday again, and it's rainy and cold. If I had to pick a day I hate the most, Monday would be the clear winner, without a doubt. To light it up a little bit here comes another edition of Get The Look. This time, I tried to recreate the looks of two Jessicas. One is casual and tomboyish and the other one is girly. If you want to see them, click read more and enjoy your day. 

-First Outfit-
model: CoralCool91, who was so nice to allow me to use her as model for any celebrity I'd like

Australian model, Jessica Hart is first celebrity for today. She describes her look as casual, comfortable and boyish, and this look proves it. Jessica looks great in this outfit, perfect for colder, rainy days. If you decided to wear this on Stardoll, you can find scarf and pants in Bazaar and rest of the items in Plaza. As  a back piece, I used starcoin skirt for Bonjour Bizou, which I'd say fits nicely wit both shape and color, but you can use any skirt you think is fitting, or not use it at all.

-Second Outfit-
 model: SkyKam, one of the judges on SMW, but also an amazing girl and loyal member to both Stardoll and this blog.
Second look for today belongs to Jessica Biel (now Timberlake), an American actress. She humbly describes herself as tomboy and fashion novice, but this look of her shows that Jessica can also look sunning in high heels and skirt. Her look is elegant, with simple and clear shapes and colors. As for the Stardoll version of this outfit, necklace and skirt can be bought in Bazaar, bag in Plaza, and rest are free items. 


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