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Rules and Collecting Prizes Guide - valid from 2017

*Anyone who started saving prior to December 2017 is grandfathered
and only has to save up to $250sd.

*The change is to reflect increased costs to purchase superstar codes.


1. To enter comps you must be a public follower of this blog or 1 of our social media pages. 

2. Your entry must be posted in comments under the comp before the end date stated in the post.


3. All entries are viewed once the comp has ended by our judges.

4. Only 1 entry per person unless otherwise stated or for fun. Doing 2 items does not make you have a better chance.

5. You can not edit your photos using any kind of program, however, you're allowed to change the background.

6. A winner will be announced when judging is completed. Generally within one or two weeks after the comp is over. It may sometimes take longer depending on the staff's real life schedule.

7. Prizes may be reduced or cancelled if there is not enough entries. For general comps, A minimum of at least 20 entries is required for prizes to be given. Depending on prize offered this fluctuates. Larger prizes may require a larger amount of entries.

8. It is your responsibility to follow the blog, social media or Disqus notifications and know whether you won a comp. (See the Collecting Prizes part for more info)

9.  You can only enter comps under YOUR MAIN STARDOLL account.



1. You must be a follower of this blog or 1 of our social media pages to enter. 

2. Your entry must be posted in the comments thread under the comp before the end date or space is full for HBPolls to be included.

3. For HB Polls, generally it is 1st come 1st serve. Polls are open for a limited amount of time or until we have enough people to make a poll. Generally about 20-35 people. It depends on the popularity of the item.

4. I may not include you in a poll if your outfit is similar to someone else's or you covered up the HB  or required item too much. 

You will get notified in a reply (here on the blog) about any problems regarding your entry - so I recommend you to watch your Disqus notifications. If you do not response to my notification, I will not accept any complaints once you're entry is excluded from the poll.

5. You can NOT ask others to vote for you or cheat in anyway. If you violate this rule, you will not be allowed to participate in polls.

6. You can only enter polls under YOUR MAIN STARDOLL account.

7. It is your responsibility to follow the blog, social medial or Disqus notifications and know whether you won a poll.

You will be disqualified if you are suspected of cheating in anyway.

If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.



1. It is your responsibility to follow the blog, social media or Disqus notifications and know whether you won a prize.

2. Unless I say otherwise in the post, winners MUST contact me on Stardoll at Jennarox4eva (in Guestbook) within 1 week of winning to claim your prize.

(I will always state the time frame in the post. Giveaways are always within 2 days.)

 I am sorry, but I do not have the time to contact each winner. 
If you do not claim the prize, it will be forfeited.

3. I try to pay prizes as quickly as possible (usually within 2 weeks), however please understand that I am a college student and have a very demanding schedule and real life commitments that take priority.

A few notes:

~Stardoll has recently made it very difficult to buy Stardollars at a discount. This makes it much more expensive for me to pay out prizes as I try to budget myself to spin only so much a month on Stardoll.

~Please allow up to a month to pay out prizes. I will try to pay out most prizes by the end of each month. (If your prize is announced toward the end of the month, please note that it may not be paid until the following month.

All prizes are paid solely by me and out of my own personal pocket, so I appreciate your patience.

If you have not received your prize within 30 days, please send a polite reminder.

4. When you contact me, I will respond when I am ready to do the payouts by telling you to either place an item in your bazaar or to the list the gift that you wish to receive. 

~For stardollar payouts, please reserve both a non-stardesign and stardesign item. 
I will attempt to purchase the non-stardesign item first.

~You have 1 week after I contact you for payment to put the item 
for sale or put in your wishlist. 

~If you do not comment back within a 
week the prize may be forfeited. The same goes for prizes 
that require you to purchase from me. 
You have one week to purchase it after 
I have reserved it for sale.

5. If I am NOT contacted within the requested time period, the prize is forfeited. 

6. I will NOT accept claims at my Emorox4eva account or on social media (unless requested as is the case for SS codes). 

6.  I do not compensate for Stardoll's 10% commission fee, which means you get the amount of the prize minus the commission.

For example: If you win $600sd, you will actually only receive $540sd.


NOTE: We are trying to help people win stardollars and get items they really want on their MAIN ACCOUNTS. If you want an item, prize money or specific gift only to resell it or to have on an extra account, then please DO NOT participate! 

We know, we can sell it for more. If that were our goal we would. 

If this is brought to our attention that you are reselling our prizes, you will no longer be permitted to participate in our giveaways or comps, sorry!



If you like an appreciate our blog, please help us grow,

We rely soley on your kindness and "word of mouth" to advertise our blog and comps.

You can help by: 

~Sharing our posts on either FB, Instagram or  Twitter.
~Adding something about our blog to your Stardoll page
~Posting about us on your own blog

It also helps when you make an outfit using something you won here at SMW. post it to social media tagging us and commenting that you won it here.

Lastly, we are always grateful for Stardoll donations or accounts/clothing if you are leaving Stardoll.

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