Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bid farewell to Harry the Stardoll way!

Seeing as most of you liked the idea of having a Harry Potter tribute, I thought I'd take a suggestion in the comments of doing a poll!

So, choose any character or scene from the Harry Potter series (if they're not that well known, a picture would be useful :D) and re-create! You can use sceneries, album items, suite shop...anything whatsoever. Oh, and to make it a bit more interesting, you can ALSO USE PHOTOSHOP!! :) Post the link to your entry in comments.
(This is usually against SMW rules, but I think it might be more fun and creative. All entries will be split in to categories (i.e. Sceneries, Dolls, Photoshop) for a fairer theme.

This is not a competition! Simply for fun, and to bid farewell to Harry Potter in Stardoll style!

It'll be either a poll or a best/worst dressed list. I'll see if I can get some well-known people to choose their favourites.

Deadline for them will be this Wednesday! (:

Best of luck!


PS: A little something I made using GIMP the other day...thoughts? :P



Invalid said...

Lovely image at the bottom lol I am liking the thing about Liverpool lol :)

Joanna//juicy-much said...

What a great idea!
I cried so hard during JKR speech at the London premiere...D:
Can we do outfits in each section?
Example: We submit an outfit made in starplaza, another one using sceneries, photoshop e.t.c

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Hi! I like this post so much, really great!
If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!

sophie13128 said...

hi! I've made a scenery some months ago:

My username: sophie13128

Miss M said...

If you wish to, yes, as this is not a competition(: x

april785 said...

LOvely pic :)
Can u follow

RobynisDreaming said...

Love your image. Good idea, I might think up an outfit.

Missed your posts Sara

lilsha123 said...

This is such an awesome idea! I really love Harry Potter, and even thoug I am more of a book person I will be sad to see the movies go. Me and my other HP fanatic friend have been having Potter Parties, haha. Well anyways I made a graphic of my favorite character, Luna Lovegood :)

Rosalie said...

I made Ginny Weasley's bridesmaid dress with photoshop :) Here's the real life version:
And here's my version:
I hope you like it :)

CalilophieSun said...

I love Harry Potter. Tomorrow night at 0.00 I'll finally see the last part.

I made a make up of bellatrix lestrange!

Anonymous said...

No one gives a damn about your crappy picture!

Anonymous said...

Cried when EVERY character died. Believe in magic.Read fan fiction 24/7. Know everything about the books. Read the books ALL THE TIME. Know the Harry Potter Lexicon off by heart. Know all the characters birthdays. Celebrate Harry's birthday. Wrote to Hogwarts complaining that my owl STILL hasn't arrived. Call people Muggles. Say 'Bloody Merlin'. But I can never pronounce their names LOL :) I'm not doing the competition cause I'm lazy :) but I think it's a great idea! Anonymous is just jealous that your pictures so great :) Great that your back and sorry I haven't been commenting (I'm very very lazy). Alice :)

Miss M said...

I'd value your opinion a lot more once you cared to show your name. I honestly don't mind people dissing Manchester United (I'm used to it with school and my Science teacher), and I know they're the best team so that is all that matters to me, if I'm quite honest with you. If you showed me your name, perhaps we could have a more civilised conversation where I prove MUFC are the best team ever.

But for now...I don't give a damn about your crappy opinion either.

prettykirsten1 said...

Please vote me covergirl im bunnycutes

Elizabeth said...

I did Luna Lovegood in her uniform... she's my favorite!!!♥

MayGleek said...

I made a scenery, this is my aspiration :
Its from the premier in London and i think its very symbolic to do that.
this is what i made -

I didnt use Daniel because u cant use him on scenery anymore=\

username : moooshyy

Hermione.Granger said...



Thanks! this is so great! I'm so honored and happy to be featured in this!!!
((I used to be HermioneGranger.Disney, I'm now Hermione.Granger!!))

Hermione.Granger said...

I know it said the deadline was wednesday but I had sent my scenery and my picture on wednesday, it said the owner would have to approve my comment and I havent seen my comment yet so I decided to send it in again!



Thanks! Love everyone's so far!! Great job all :)

P.S. I used to be HermioneGranger.Disney but I have officially changed my name to Hermione.Granger, so refer to me as Hermione.Granger, thanks!

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