Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Doll

Good morning our readers J
Today Stardoll went to Kansas City, Kansas, United States brought for us new Artist, performer, producer since 2003! Sings Afro-punk, R&B, indie pop, soul, funk , she is only 25 years old ..
They made wonderful graphic for her ! 5/5 Wanna dress up her ?? click here

For more check her website :

Janelle Monáe 

(born December 1, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer. She is currently signed to the Wondaland Arts Society and Bad Boy/Atlantic Records. 
Monáe first introduced herself to the music scene with a conceptual EP, Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase), which gained her a Grammy nomination for her track "Many Moons". 
The EP failed to make much of an impact commercially peaking at 115 in the United States.

What about you ?? :D



NessisaMess said...

Her frizzy hair is kewl ;)

evermore1girl said...

I love her hair, it is a very good graphic lookalike

Anonymous said...

Its something free 2day? =D

Anonymous said...

stardoll have made an excellent graphic lookalike! I adore her hair, but have never heard of her before! Any reviews of her music?


Jojo/Sugar_98 said...

OMG! Stardoll is in JC Penny! They posted in on FB, I thought it was crazy, because stardoll is only a website. And it's pretty ugly, and for little kids. Only liked one item. Link:

karla said...

Saw her live in concert last week shes was amazing!

AinnaB said...

this doll is very good.
but I wanted to mention something else... stardoll released a new shop an I was just thinking: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?! some clothes arent realy that good and EVERYTHING is just sooooo EXPENSIVE! :/

Lolly140 said...

Never heard of her

mar said...

@karla so envy of u!

her music is amazing, imo

and this doll is much like the real Janelle than the last one SD made of her

GoldRaindropMar in Stardoll

Kristinkakiki said...

I don't like her 'fluffy' hair xD =P

Kristinkakiki said...

Anyway the similarity is big !! =)

Kristinkakiki said...

Anyway the similarity is big !! =)

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