Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey Everyone! As most of you know, I have a successful modeling club known as MelsModels. In my ongoing fifth cycle I just narrowed it down to the final two. The 2nd runner-up was so talented and such a beautiful person, however, that I figured I had to give her some of the recognition she deserves!

Her name is Debora, but on stardoll she is known as Tigre89. She has created some of the most breathtaking and awe inspiring concepts, stories, poses, and overall sceneries that stardoll has ever seen.

You can see some of her best work below (In scenery section of my club MelsModels):

Isn't her talent undeniably sensational!? She has really blown the judges and myself away week after week, and I know that the stardoll public will be just as astonished!

To visit her and congratulate her on making it so far, to send her gifts, or to tell her just how talented she truly is... CLICK HERE

I love you Debora!



RobynisDreaming said...

That was so kind of you Mel. She really deserves all the recognition, how one can even think of some of the ideas her sceneries had astonishes me, never mind that they were perfect posing.

Well done Debora!♥

_JolieAnn_ said...

wow i just can say wow
i love the first picture its a real artwork
for sure the other pictures are also amazing but the first one let my heart bang faster
thank you for showing her :)

Unknown said...

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Kasia said...

Such beautiful sceneries!

Gabby/MusicGirl505 said...

Godd she is talented!!Btw in Bulgarian Tigre means - tiger..but ruder XDD (does that word means some thing - ruder? XD i mean like more rude if yo understand) lol

mar said...

she rocks!

Natoustars said...

It's amazing ! I love the 1st scenery.

Barbara said...

her sceneries are so beautiful *___*

MMC9 said...

Amazing! Mel it is nice to see some of your posts on this blog, I love melsmodels i can't wait for the 6th cycle !

Miss M said...

She has amazing talent!! I've loved all the sceneries that she's made! :]

Invalid said...

Wow!!! She is amazing :) Them sceneries are just stunning :D

.emma.x. said...

I love the last scenery :)

imalittleteapot said...

WOW!! She is so talented!! I am soo glad you put her on the blog so that i can congratulate her!! That was really nic eof you Mel... Congratulations Debora!! xx

Ashleigh Nicole said...

Wow she is so good at sceneries! Mine look pathetic now compared to hers... :) great job!


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