Monday, June 20, 2011

New Doll

Good morning SMW readers :)
new day with new doll for superstars ! i love her name Edita , her face , her clothes & her hair too , and if you dress up her you will see that ( there is LE bag ) :)
well i will give stardoll 4.5/5 for this sweet graphic and also you can dress her by clicking here

Edita Abdieski 

Edita Abdieski (born November 14, 1984) is a Swiss pop singer. She rose to fame during the debut series of the German X Factor show, which she won in November 2010.

bdieski is the eldest child born to a Macedonian Albanian father and a Montenegrin Albanian mother.

Raised in a Muslim home alongside three younger siblings, she spent much of her childhood in the Bern borough of Bümpliz-Oberbottigen, where she was enrolled at primary and secondary school. Her father died of cancer in 1992 


** What about you ? **
** Do you know her ?!  **



_JolieAnn_ said...

i know her because of the x factor show. she has a very good voice but i liked her more when she had curls.

Anonymous said...

I know here, 'cause I live in germany and watched the show, she really is good.. but I doubt she'll be really big NeSSixx96

red.girll said...

nice doll and clothes!

arlsa96/Sarah said...

I didnt knew her but Im happy she's Albanian like meh xD

candykikoofoli said...

You are a gross a hore a btch u seem like it you act like it come on stardoll to see me and report me if u can hahaha

evermore1girl said...

She is very pretty and the doll is very like her. I am so sorry for her about her father :(

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I know her a little because of the "X Factor", but that's it really. I <3 her doll's clothes :)

AinnaB said...

nice doll, she looks pretty

hotbuy shoes are out *__*

miley said...

OH I dont her, but I LOVE her clothes !!
All of them from GOOD brands ! ;)

Lolly140 said...

Never heard of her

Emily.Stardoll said...

She is very pretty xx I don't know her either, she's not very famous in the u.k,Love her doll and clothes!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to mention that the 50% off sale has started! Voile, Stardoll, Rio, Pretty & Love and Bizou are on sale :)

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