Sunday, June 5, 2011

HB Flower Dress...Poll...?

Thanks to pip_lover_anin, Alice and Divamiley1992 for the tip (:

The HB Flower Dress is out. It's definitely got a Spring feel to it! Quite pricey at $23sd, and it's also only for Superstars. I really like the colour scheme of both the Stardoll one and the real one inspired by D&G. I prefer Stardoll's though, because I think the green works well with the other colours. What's your opinion?

RL Version by D&G:
Credit: Media Partner Hotbuys Addicted.





I'm not sure whether or not to do a poll, because there could be a stipulation with the prize. I can give out Starcoins, but I don't have any actual Stardollars to convert (I am no longer SS and not buying any at this moment in time) so you wouldn't be getting very many. Here's a poll...please answer HONESTLY.

A poll will then later be announced depending on the answers.
(Oh, and sorry about the big red writing. Had to make sure it stood out!!)



kerolajn9 said...

Hi plz... vote me as CG ... people plz... post on your blog... PLZ :)

_JolieAnn_ said...

i love this dress its amazing
i would be very happy when you would make a poll but i really dont need a price
i just want to see what others think about my outfit combination :)

april785 said...

i think we should do a pool

april785 said...

please follow

JanaStarlite said...

First I have to say I love the HB dress, but I do prefer the real version.

Secondly, as to a prize, I'm one of the ones who doesn't really need a prize, but maybe selling t-shirts by
someone who can design and sell them? I do know that some blogs have done that in the past. Personally, I really like to just compete to see what others do with the same piece of clothing.

Anonymous said...

I hate it, it's too exspenisve and though it looks nice on the hanger, it looks horrible on my doll :(

anaKonda said...

I don't care about the prize but I like entering the polls just to see what other ppl came up with :)
Also like the dress a lot and I do prefer Stardolls version to the RV one.

evermore1girl said...

I agree about the colour, I love the dress and bought it straight away

Lolly140 said...

I really like the stardoll version :)

ilv123 said...

I love the stardoll version!


I think you personally would not be able to give prizes as you are non ss, so you cannot sell things, and you ca only give cupcake gifts I think...
But you could feature people as winners, but oh, jenna owns this blog so hrm..
maybe you should get someone else who is ss to give gifts. There could be donation t-shirts and things like that! :)

EnchantedGirl7/Alexis said...

The dress is cute :]

PwincessSara/Sara said...

To give prizes, I only have to be able to buy from Starbazaar. I have to be a SS in order to receive the prizes as Starcoins/Stardollars.

Mijena15 said...

There is Hot Buys bikini out now! :)

Anonymous said...

That Bikini is expensive! Wow...Nice but really, really excessively expensive.

AinnaB said...

love the dress, to bad I don't have any money :(

Anonymous said...

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