Thursday, January 29, 2009


In my boredom today, I decided to hunt in starbazaar for some items I needed. While I was there, I came across something that could revolutionalize your stardoll world. Ok..well maybe it's not that big, but for some of you, this could be a great option!
Most on stardoll are constantly looking for rare items. Either you have no luck or the price is insane! Well here are 2 great alternatives. Knockoffs if you will, to help satisfy your MKA RC or LE cravings.

The first is by Blackmambayeah. She has created a "knockoff" version of the MKA RC green striped tunic and sells them for $60. Now the price may still be steep for some, but you get a taste for a fraction of the price! look how good it looks. Amazing.
The other is by Agamng. She made a "knockoff" version of the LE logo shirt. Pretty good replica. She was selling for $12, but someone is reselling for $60!!!. Kinda a ripoff considering the original sold for $75 and they didnt make it, but IDK, you'll prob pay lots more if you try to buy the real one off someone. :)
IDK if they have anymore rare designs, but if you are interested cruise on by their stardoll suites and ask. I know for some people a "knockoff" is just that...a knockoff... but what do you think? Would you buy them? xoxo Jenna


Esra said...


Sammi said...

I would buy them,if they weren't so expensive.
Mabey 15-$20 would be a better price.

Lexie. said...

I have the LE one for a disent price.
Although never seen the other one.

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