Thursday, November 1, 2018

Work Force

Hello dolls today we are bringing a new kind of post/section

Most of us are in the work force or heading into it.
Couple months ago I did a survey and a lot of you wanted to see more content like this.
It’s finally here.

I have seen many of you in the chat section struggling with jobs. My advice is don’t give up.

Here’s a summary of my work experience

At 15 I was an assistant at the AVON regional office. I got this job through my aunt who knew  one of the ladies working there.

Second job was through a school work program. Worked at a senior living apartment complex helping the events coordinator.

Third job end up working at a Cafteria doing food presentation, cashier and on rare occasions a waitress.

Once I get to college I work at Target as a cashier. Target over Walamart always.

I dropped out of college a month into my 4th year as an Internstional Business Management major. This is bad but my mind wasn’t in it. Took up traveling the east coast for 2 years thanks to my bf having a great traveling job.

Re-enter the workforce working st a small family owned company. I Run the office for them. Being a small company the owner takes everything out on me despite me not being the culprit. I was the punching bag. I say enough is enough and I quit in the middle of the day. My cousin worked for the competitor across the street and told me about this job.

Go online and submit my resume. End up getting a job for an immigration attorney as an administrative assistant. No benefits or paid vacation I leave.

Frustrated my mom tells me there’s an opening in her company for the other division. Aced the interview and am hired to supplement a lady’s maternity leave. This is supposed to be a temp job. I learned quickly and am kept on board and become the closing manager. The downfall I had to work Sunday’s and holidays. I think this is unfair when there’s 8 people and only 3 work this schedule instead of rotation. It was difficult leaving a stable job with a lot of benefits.

Husband asks me to go work with him and I end up being his driver at the company he’s with at the time. We end up separating and I quit my job to be away from him.

There’s a job offer in Virginia as the Managers assistant. I relocate from Texas. The manager is a complete lunatic.

Switch to my current t company where I start from the bottom and few months in I am offered a transfer with a new job title, raise in pay and relocation to WV.

I have had to deal with so many people from rowdy customers to verbally abusive bosses. Started making just $125 a week and now I make at least 10 times that a week. I’ve been working for 11 years and as you can see in vast places and positions.
My advice is to never give up and don’t be afraid to quit a place that isn’t right for you.  Ask your fiends and family when you need a job they may know of an opening. Never give up. I have been unemployed in between for months at a time. Know your worth and don’t be afraid to ask for what’s fair and just.

Share your stories below. Let me know what elese you’d like to know or need help with.


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