Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Style Challenge: Prada Inspired Tee

Guess what - it's a new styling comp! 
I've chosen one of stardoll's many awkward, unusual or hard-to-style items to challenge your creativity. 

Simply style the Original Future: Prada Inspired Tee in either the plaza or your suite, and be in to win wish-list items up to 16sd (the cost of this top.) Make sure the items is recognizable and identifiable in your outfit. If we can't tell where and what it is, your entry will not be counted. 

Only one entry each, and don't forget to include your username!
Winners will be decided by poll.

I'd love to make this a regular thing, and offer a bigger prize, but that will only happen if people enter - so  I'm adding a raffle! You can win an additional wishlist item up to 16sd. Just share this post on social media publicly, tag #stardollsmostwanted and post a screenshot below. And yes, I will be checking, so don't go deleting your post!!!

CLOSES - 4/06/2018

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