Monday, May 21, 2018


Hello everyone and happy start of the week!

Stardoll started theirs (and ours) by releasing a new store in Starplaza called Giardini, as some of you so kindly mentioned in the 'Chat' section.

The store reminds me of Garden Variety that was in Plaza years ago (Side question: Does anyone remembers that one?). We got three floors of new items. The majority of the items sold are various plants, but we also got some pots, a fountain, something they labelled as a shed, and the interior. Prices range between 10 and 28 SD, there are four SC items (three types of pots and one plant).

I rather like this release, even though I find most of the prices a bit too high. I like the fact that a lot of the plants come separately from the pots - you can either "pot" them in pots you prefer or, if you like to create natural sceneries, you don't have to hide those pots. I think that the "ball topiary" is executed marvellously - all three balls and the stem are sold separately.

I like quite a few items from this release. What about you? What items (if any at all) do you like? Will you be buying anything? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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