Friday, April 20, 2018

New in Furry Friends and Original Future

Friday's release is Furry Friends

There are 2 new floors. Prices range between 39 and 11 sd. There's only one starcoin item. 

I like the Flower crate and maybe the Flower buckets, but I'm not overly obsessed with the animals(sorry). Also the theme seems hella random, it's not entirely spring and not entirely summer either. The interior is nice, but boooring. We had like 25 patio themed interiors already.

Now for Original Future

Not very original, eh?

I'm not sure we can call this a collection, but here we go.
Prices range between 19 and 13 sd. There are 2 starcoin items.

What do you think of these releases? Did you bought anything?


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