Friday, June 24, 2016

Fendi Tribute in Starplaza, Easy Giveaway and Comp!

GIVEAWAY and COMP details below
Don't forget to enter your OOTD for 6/24! Click HERE!

The Fendi Tribute is now in Starplaza! 

What do you think about these items. I like some of the bags and I like that they are less expensive than the previous Fendi Tribute.

 GIVEAWAY: It's super easy!

FIRST: Tell us what your favorite Fendi Item!



1. Join this blog  (See option on right side bar)

2. Follow us on at least 1 of our Social Media Platforms (.Twitter, FB or Instagram )

If you click on one of the names, it will take you to that site.  Twitter, FB or Instagram . 

3. Tell us you joined the blog and which platform you followed us on in comments. Be sure that you are recognizeable to us or include social media name so we can confirm.  

The first 25 people who do this will receive a Fendi gift of choice.



Don't have any social media accounts listed above and don't wish to add one? 
JOIN THIS BLOG by clicking the button on the right side bar.

You can qualify for a Fendi item of $21sd or less.

***All instructions must be complete. Meaning you have done option 1 or 2  (so that we can confirm you) and included your stardoll name plus item the item to your wishlist. If not I will skip to the next person. So please follow the instructions.***


COMP: Create an outfit that coordinates with one of the colorful Fendi bags
create an outfit that coordinates with both a solid color Fendi bag AND scarf, belt or sunglasses. 

Place the pic in comments. Don't forget your SD username!

~The best outfit will win the option of a FENDI SHOPPING SPREE, $200sd or choosing an item from our treasure chest. 


NO PHOTO EDITING (other than background)

~Can be created in Starplaza
~Take a screen print. 
~ Screen print should be large and clear. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry.
~Post pic in comments
~Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~One entry per person
~No cheating

Entries due by Midnight SUNDAY June 26th, 2016 USA EST.

TIME ZONE HELP: It's very easy, just put in my timezone (12:00am USA-New York) and your location in the area where you want to convert it to. Voila! It will tell you what time 12 midnight is where you live :)

Also an easier one:

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