Saturday, April 4, 2015

Looking for writers!

Now hiring writers/contributors!

SMW is looking for members willing to contibute to the blog. Most importantly I'm interested in people who are online a lot and could post about store updates or spoilers as soon as they get revealed. I'm also open to any kind of new article ideas for SMW, like tutorials, trend reports and on.

If you wish to write for us, send me a sample article via

You're free to choose the topic - hopefully you'll be able to bring out the very best of your writing skill this way. I want you to make your article as precise and detailed as you can. I highly recommend to submit a store review though (about a recent release, for example Subcouture or Original Future).


1 You must have been an active follower of the blog for at least the past 2-3 months. This is important since I'd like to hire people who already experienced how the blog works.

2. Past/current blogging experience is beneficial! If you know how to use Blogger well, you have a higher chance to be accepted. Feel free to include any blog links of articles you've written previously.

3. Observation skills are very important. You must have the ability to write more detailed posts if necessary.

4. You must be easily reached and up-to-date. If you own a social media profile for your Stardoll account (Facebook, Twitter etc) make sure to include it in your application.

5. Basic knowledge of photo editing programs like Paint is also a good point.

Please also include the following application form:

Stardoll user:
Joined Stardoll (year):
Member of SMW since (circa):

Thank you and looking forward to your messages!

- Brigitte


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