Saturday, September 24, 2016


As you know I am a quite a bit backed up on OOTD. In order to get caught up and start fresh I am going to do it a bit differently. 

The following are the OOTD WINNERS for the 
week of August 8th - 12th. 

Each person shown below wins a gift of choice (up to $50sd).
Please list the gift you would like in comments and be sure it is in your WL. Thanks! :)
winners have 2 days to claim their prize or it is forfeited.

 Attached is the poll to choose the overall best outfit for this week.
 choose your top 3 favorite outfits. 
The winner will receive $50sd. 

After completing all the polls for August, the weekly winner with the most votes will receive $100sd.

I will announce both the weekly winners and the monthly winner in 1 post, so be patient.

Weekly poll will be open for about 24 hours.

*Please note- I tried to spread the winners out as much as possible.*


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