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Pic by Lullih

UPDATE- Please read:

*Do to few entries, changes have been made*

Create coordinating outfits for you and your Stardoll BFF.  Post a pic in comments.

WIN $200sd or SS code

~Please include both outfits either in 1 pic or in the same comment. 

(*If  you have already entered the comp under the previous rules WITH you SD BFF, I will still honor the $200sd/SScode each if you win!)

Comp will be open until Sat. If we do not have enough entries by will be cancelled.

I am sure many of you recently saw Stardoll's Instagram Takeover by Victoria (Minaj131). If you haven't you should definitely go check it out as it was great to see!

She is an amazing person that I am just recently getting to know. One of her posts included the picture above and really got me to thinking about my Stardoll BFF's.

Without a doubt 2 people spring to mind. One of them is Venus (Vampirelady33). She supports me through everything and we have been friends on here for a really long time. The other is Nimka (N1mka4eva) who I can pretty much talk about anything with and never feel judged. I love both of these 2 just as I do my best friends in RL.

I hope you have found a person(s) on Stardoll that is your STARDOLL BEST FRIEND. Being able to connect with people on here from all across the world is definitely one of the things that makes Stardoll great and one of the reasons I keep coming back!

After talking to Victoria, we thought what a cool idea this would be for a comp and she agreed to be our guest judge!

Pick one of your Stardoll best friends and imagine yourselves going to an event together. Maybe you just attended Stardoll Fashion Week?!  

Work on this with your BFF. Create and outfit for yourself and have your friend create a coordinating outfit to go with it.

This is a great way to get your BFF involved with the blog!


You create both the outfit and the coordinating outfit.

~Post the pic in comments.

~Be sure to tell us whether your did it with a friend or by your self. List both your and your friends Stardoll name.

         -Either submit the pic together or separately.  If working on this with your BFF, you can either submit the looks in one pic and have your BFF comment (in reply to your pic) that she worked on it with you.


You and your BFF can each submit a pic separately. You submit the one with your doll and they submit the one with theirs. Again, please try and keep them together, so have them reply to your post.

~OPTIONAL- Tell us why they are your BFF and maybe what event you were attending together,

You DO NOT have to use photoshop, but it is permited. However, please note that we are mostly looking at your outfits.

The winning BFF TEAM will receive $200sd each 
(If you do the outfits alone you will receive $200sd or SS Upgrade)

Midnight Friday September 30, 2016

*Min 20 entries or prize is subject to reduction.

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